A temperatura da Água e a sua Influência na Preparação de uma Tisana

Water temperature and its influence on the preparation of a herbal tea

When we add hot water to tea leaves or herbal tea and prepare an infusion, we are extracting the flavor, components and properties of the plants.

The art of preparing a good tea or herbal tea consists of knowing how to balance flavor and texture and the best way to do this is by controlling the water temperature and infusion time.

Higher water temperatures vs lower water temperatures

The temperature of the water we use to prepare our herbal tea influences the color, flavor and structure of our infusion.

When we use water at a higher temperature, around 90º- 95ºC, the release of the flavor of the plants is faster, but their aromas will also evaporate more quickly, their color will be darker and their flavor will be stronger and with more flavor. structure.

When we use water at a lower temperature, around 60-85ºC, we obtain a smoother flavor and more pronounced aromatic notes, which are present for longer.

What is the ideal temperature to prepare the best infusion?

The ideal water temperature will depend on the type of tea or herbal tea we want to prepare.

For softer, slightly floral and citrus infusions, lower temperatures are ideal. In stronger, full-bodied infusions, such as black tea that will be drunk quickly, higher temperatures work well.

What is the easiest way to control water temperature?

The most accurate way to control the water temperature is to use a kitchen thermometer or a kettle that allows you to regulate the water temperature.

In Chinese tradition, water temperature is controlled by observing the size of water bubbles that appear on the surface and are compared to "crab eyes" (70-76º Celsius), "fish eyes" (80-87º Celsius) and " dragon's eye" 95-100º Celsius.

Water quality

An infusion is essentially made up of water and its quality will directly affect the flavor of our preparation. Very acidic or very alkaline waters will influence the organoleptic characteristics of the infusions, so it is recommended to opt for neutral pH or filtered waters.
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