Our values of sustainability and respect for Nature are what drive us, so the logo and brand name would have to reflect that.

We were looking for a light and bold name, suggestive of the essence of the brand. When we got to the name Criatura, we quickly concluded that it was the one.

Criatura can be translated as Creature in english.

In the Portuguese language, Criatura is a word used to describe animals or people, with wild and derogatory connotations. But for us it means much more than that. It means celebrating different identities, our values

To appear in our logo we chose a common blackbird (Turdus merula), "melro" in portuguese. Why would we do it? It is a common bird, which we can easily find in our garden. It doesn't have the grandiosity of a bird of prey, nor the charm of a woodpecker, but it still plays its role in the ecosystem. They are also the first expert appreciators of our fruit and the first to give the signal that harvest time is approaching.

For us, the blackbird, means freedom and curiosity and represents how even what seems banal and common can make a difference, just like us.

Sobre Nós

CRIATURA é uma marca portuguesa que valoriza produtos biológicos e reduz o desperdício. Usamos plantas e fruta biológica de pequenos produtores nacionais e locais, que têm dificuldade em escoar os seus produtos para grandes mercados e utilizamos fruta pequena, “feia” que de outra forma seria descartada.

Criamos infusões para pessoas que querem aproveitar ao máximo os sabores e benefícios dos produtos biológicos com um design inovador, enquanto reduzem o seu impacto ambiental.

Juntos podemos contribuir para um consumo mais sustentável, ético e justo.