Como escolher uma tisana ou chá de boa qualidade?

How to choose a good quality herbal infusion and tea?

Nowadays we have access to a huge diversity of foods, teas and infusions, with different presentations, very variable prices and it is not always easy to understand within such a wide range of offers, which is the best option for us.

The consumption of teas and herbal teas can have significant benefits for our health, but in order to make the most of their properties, make the most of their flavor and avoid consuming contracted compounds, it is important to take some criteria into account when choosing.

The basis of a good infusion, herbal tea or tea, is a selection of quality plants, well processed and packaged.

So how do we know if we have purchased a quality infusion and what should we evaluate?

Correct dehydration of our plants is essential to maintain all the flavor and benefits of our herbal teas. The best way to assess whether the infusions we purchase are of good quality is to evaluate the colors of the leaves and their aroma. From the moment they are harvested and dehydrated, the plants lose their properties, color and flavor.

If our plants are browner, it may be due to incorrect dehydration, poor packaging or they are past their ideal consumption period.

Get into the habit of smelling the plants before preparing the infusion, directly from the container, in your hand and evaluating the aroma released when the leaves and/or flowers are broken.

Learn to distinguish natural plant scents from artificial scents!

Flavors are stronger and more defined in teas and infusions processed manually and with higher quality ingredients.

Loose Leaf
ALWAYS prefer infusions or loose leaf tea and avoid opting for sachets in which the plants are reduced to powder and are less interesting from an organoleptic and properties point of view.

Preferring options with certified organic production is an extra guarantee that we are not consuming chemical products derived from the production and cultivation of these plants or fruits, which could be used for our health.

Purchase infusions and teas packaged in packaging that protects them from light and contact with air. Avoid transparent plastic packaging, in which the plants will quickly darken and lose their properties.

These are our suggestions for making more conscious choices and knowing how to better evaluate the quality of your infusions and teas.
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