O Mistério da Flor de Hibisco

The Mistery behind Hibiscus Flower

Surrounded by uncertainties as to its origin, hibiscus is an exotic plant used for its properties, colors and flavor.

All over the world, there are unique drinks that have hibiscus flowers as their main ingredient. The Egyptians used this plant to prepare a traditional drink called karkade. In Senegal, they make a similar drink called bissap, and in Jamaica, during the flowering period, they make a drink called sorrel.

The popularity of hibiscus may have started with the beauty of its flowers and the complexity of its flavor, but nowadays its consumption is also motivated by its medicinal properties.

It is rich in antiocins (responsible for its reddish color) and flavonoids rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. These compounds along with their vitamin C content have given rise to several promising scientific studies on their effect on collagen production, skin healing ability and anti aging.

The plant also acts as a vasodilator, being interesting in situations of high blood pressure and also helps to regulate cholesterol levels.


The hibiscus flower is considered a national symbol in Hawaii; In Hindu mythology, hibiscus is associated with the goddess Kali, who represents the life force. Its red flowers are used in offerings to honor this goddess; In the past the plant was used to darken hair and eyebrows.

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