As Propriedades Calmantes da Tília

Linden Tree Relaxing Properties

Considered a sacred tree by ancient civilizations, the linden tree is native to some regions of Europe but does not grow spontaneously in Portugal.

It is endowed with an unusual longevity, with specimens known to be over 500 years old.

In summer, when it blooms, its sweet and intoxicating aroma, together with the buzzing of the bees around it, is unmistakable.

Linden tree has calming properties and is often used to treat anxiety. It also has a sudorific effect, being used in febrile situations and a vasodilator effect, helping in situations of hypertension.

This plant can be found in our infusions 1 and 3


The history and symbolism surrounding the linden tree is fascinating and hard to ignore. The Celts and Germanic peoples held their judgments under its crown and called it the tree of justice. In the Middle Ages they planted it near hospitals to purify the air.

During the French Revolution around 60,000 lime trees were planted throughout France and it was consecrated the “tree of liberty”.

In the Viking age, linden was widely used for fiber extraction and rope making.

The wood is soft and easy to work, much used in the Middle Ages by sculptors and much sought after for the manufacture of musical instruments.


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Tília de folhas pequenas, Jardim Gulbenkian, Disponível em acesso a 30/01/2023

Lime bast rope for the Gislinge Boat's rig, Vikinges Kibs Museet, disponivel em, acesso a 30/01/2023


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