My name is Diana Rego and I am the founder of this project.

I grow up in a small farm in the North of Portugal, near the river and I spent a big part of my childhood playing with plants and watching with curiosity the tiny "animals" like crickets and ants that lived almost invisibly around us.

Maybe thats why i have early developed a passion for Nature. Sustainability, Conservation, Environmental Education and the confidence all of us can have an active and key role in society. 

I graduated in Veterinary Medicine and I have worked as a veterinarian for several years abroad and in Portugal.

When I returned to my home country and with time i have come to realize the strugle for small farmers to sell their good quality organic products. The barriers they were facing with the big markets and the waste of non standard products such as small and "ugly" fruit.

More than a brand, Criatura aims to be a movement of sustainability and a new way to fight waste.

Our Products

CRIATURA is a Portuguese brand that values organic and local products. We use plants and organic fruit from small national producers, who have difficulty selling their products to large markets, and we use small, “ugly” fruit that would otherwise be discarded.

We create infusions for people who want to make the most of the flavors and benefits of organic products with innovative design, while reducing their environmental impact.

Together we can contribute to a more sustainable, ethical and fair consumption.

Our Brand

Criatura is creativity, it is color, it is life, it is a commitment with the future.

Our infusions are for everyone, they can be consumed at any time of the year and bring more joy at any moment of your day.

For the design of our beautiful packaging we had the collaboration of the Portuguese Illustrator Teresa Rego.
  • Sustainability

    Use organic products, free of pesticides and without genetically modified organisms. Valuing national and local products. Giving another use to the small and “ugly” fruit, rejected by the big markets and supporting small producers.
  • Innovation

    It is difficult to dissociate sustainability from innovation. We need to constantly evolve and innovate if we want to develop different ways to combat waste and find the most interesting ecological solutions for packaging our products.
  • Creativity

    Organic and natural products don't have to be boring. Nature is colorful and we want our products to be healthy, elegant and a source of inspiration.
  • Transparency

    Sharing our challenges, the good and the bad, allows us to grow and innovate as a brand. Gaining the trust of the community and being honest with our work method is essential to consolidate the authenticity that
    we try to characterize ourselves.
  • Community

    Each one of us makes a difference, but together we can change the world. Being connected to a community that shares our ideals and encourages the exchange of ideas, allows us to learn and evolve and is an unconditional support for us to continue our work.